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Conor Browne Wreaths specialise in the manufacture and sale of wholesale Christmas products. We also supply sundries and fresh produce to the floristy trade. Since our first year in trade, we have honed a very strong reputation for supplying top quality Christmas products, and have expanded rapidly every year since. We now sell year round and supply products for Christmas, Valentines, International Women's day, Mother's Day, our Summer selection, Halloween and more. 
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Customer Care

Conor Browne Wreath's is cornerstoned by complete customer satisfaction. It is paramount to us that you are supplied with top of the range products along with the most helpful and advisory service. We want to support you in growing your business through the supply of our quality products. Samples of all our products are available upon request. We also create custom and bespoke arrangements, call or email Conor Browne Wreaths for further details.


We can arrange delivery to anywhere in Ireland or overseas.

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