FACO ST5 Straw Wreath MachineFACO ST5 Straw Wreath Machine

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The Faco ST5 is specially designed for the production of straw wreath bases. It is supplied with various sized funnels to make wreath bases from 2cm-8cm thick. The chosen size funnel is fed with loose straw. The machine compresses the straw into a ring and binds it with catgut. NO WREATH RING IS NEEDED FOR THIS MACHINE. This is a specialist machine that is capable of producing large amounts of straw wreath bases very quickly. The initial cost of buying the machine is quickly saved once you begin to produce your own straw wreath rings, as there is no cost for the ring as it is not needed and each round bale of straw can produce 600-700 12” bases!

€9750.00 euro each